Good Day Folks!

So, here I am in the shop, dressed as a pirate and waiting on new stock to come in… when I suddenly realised I had not been giving this the time and attention it deserved.

So… first post… and its going to be a long one:

1 – We have a shop! Its open! 21 Paris Street, Exeter, it is full of amazing things for LARP, Cosplay or just dressing up. Come on down and have a look!

2 – We are running regular training again in Exeter:

3 – Have great StoryTelling nights in local bars:

4 – And are working with Exeter Pirate Day to run a great training event on “How to Pirate” with safe combat weapons and general skulduggery:

In addition to all that, I will be updating the website with everything you need and updating it regularly with events and pictures!

I’ll see you all soon!

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