In this strange and wild world we live in, we are constantly bombarded by the mundane.
The mercurial and interesting is cast aside for ease of access.

Wyvernstales is a business that avoids the ordinary and prosaic.

We use theatre and storytelling to create evenings filled with old myths and legends, events of heroic shenanigans, using theatre and roleplaying to introduce themes of team work and self discovery.

Events Include

– Live Action RolePlaying events tailored to your needs: from stag/hen events to team building exercises or just the Bespoke event you have always wanted.

– Storytelling evenings, filled with tales to amuse and enjoy these snippets of history and myth.

“Brilliant, really engages the audience. Was my first time last night and I cannot fault him”

– StoryTelling pub crawl! A chance to traverse Exeter and listen to local legends while we answer questions and introduce you to the local watering holes of renown!

– Period Combat Workshops – Using Live Action Role Play equipment to create a safe environment to try using a sword, or spear, axe and even bow!

“Gideon single handedly changed our daughters birthday gathering on our farm from DRAB to FAB!! 
With a flourish of his glorious moustache and (I suspect) a scattering of magic,
his energy,enthusiasm,charm and candour motivated even the shyest children despite grey skies and we had fascinated,captivated,thrilled children returning home to (their) reality with heads full of tales and a newly discovered love of teamwork,camaraderie and history but above all we all HAD FUN! 
I cannot recommend enough. 
DO hire this professional madman.”

For more information, our FaceBook page is: https://www.facebook.com/Wyvernstales

Or email us at: GideonLawrence@wyvernstales.co.uk

And if you would like to support us and get some specially tailored goodies: https://www.patreon.com/GideonLawrence